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Sep 16, 2017

We report on environmental threats to the coastal zone, the 25th birthday of the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary and the hepatitis A outbreak in SC County. Plus headlines, a calendar of events and more.




Sep 8, 2017

An interview with Peter Esmonde, long-time volunteer with the Prisoners Literature Project.  The Prisoners Literature Project is an all volunteer, grassroots, non-profit organization that has sent books to prisoners in 49 states.  We discussed how the PLP started, about the history of the books-to-prisoners movement,...

Sep 8, 2017

An interview with Dr. Rebecca Hernandez Rosser, Director of UC Santa Cruz's American Indian Resource Center, about a range of issues facing indigenous communities in the United States, including lack of access to opportunities for higher education. She addressed the health struggles, both physical and mental,...